Component owner: ICE

The matchmaking tool is designed to bring together individuals with the correct expertise and skill sets to co-create new products. Users can signup and create a profile in the iPRODUCE marketplace, where their data is stored in the platform’s data repository. The matchmaking tool uses this data from user profiles in the marketplace to find the correct partners for collaboration. Matchmaking is essential for iPRODUCE’s focus on co-creation, as it enables relevant partners to collaborate effectively.

The Matchmaking Tool provides the following functionalities:

  • Multi-criterion federated search – through an intuitive interface, allows users to search for specific capabilities, skills, and profiles based on various criteria such as location, skills, sectors, etc. The tool will rank users to show more accurate results. It can also identify spelling mistakes, ensuring that users find the right partners quickly and easily. The results of the federated search will bring out individuals or consortia that can address a specific need, enabling iPRODUCE users to find the right partners for co-creation.
  • Team formation – suggests a team of individuals who can work together, based on the skills or sectors and other keywords, entered by the user. Sorts potential team members in decreasing order of skills and country, prioritising individuals who can fulfil all requested skills. Makes it easier for users to find the right team quickly and efficiently.

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