Component owner: CERTH

The CMDF Training Platform, which includes the CMDF Training Flow and CMDF Training View sub-components, plays a pivotal role in achieving the iPRODUCE objectives of providing cutting-edge educational and training scenarios for workers. By leveraging these advanced tools, workers can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

The CMDF Training Flow desktop application offers:

  • Drag n Drop graphical tools to help in training scenario creation.
  • Support for multimedia(images, video, audio and documents) content for each training scenario.
  • Support for the attachment of Augmented Reality Markers for each equipment featured in the training scenario.
  • Exporting of the created scenarios so the generated training content can be previewed in the CMDF Training View companion application

The CMDF Training View Android application supports:

  • Step by step presentation of training scenarios through mobile interfaces.
  • 3D Visualisation of the assembly and usage process for the equipment featured in the training scenarios.
  • Augmented Reality powered marker scanning.

The CMDF Training Platform aids users in the process of creating, absorbing and deploying worker training material and user manuals in an efficient manner through the use of multimedia content and Augmented Reality technologies.

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