Component owner: SIEMENS

The Video Intelligence tool allows users to collect a set of videos on a remote (cloud) server for their further automatic analysis, transcription, and exchange among multiple remote users. Video Intelligence can be accessed and used as a stand-alone tool for visual knowledge exchange among peers and also as a component of the elaborated cMDF Training Platform (from VERTH).

The software consists of a range of Artificial Intelligences technologies: Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Classification, Neural networks, Object Detection and Knowledge Graphs. A combination of these technologies is used to create a digitization and knowledge transfer pipeline.

The Video Intelligence tool provides the following functionalities:

  • Transcription and object detection with AI services and segmentation of video recordings.
  • Processing of textual search requests through the set of the stored video.The search is performed over the contents of audio tracks as well as over the objects detected within the video.

The main usage of the video intelligence is for knowledge exchange among makers and consumers. This tool can also be effectively used for remote training for makers and other equipment, in particular, if safety requirements shall be addressed for specific potentially hazardous machines.

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