Component owner: CERTH

The AR/VR Toolkit is a critical aspect of the iPRODUCE ecosystem, which is dedicated to enhancing collaboration and shared awareness during the product design phase. Through its use of attractive and intuitive user interfaces and controls, the toolkit empowers designers with state-of-the-art AR and VR technologies.

The AR/VR Toolkit offers the following functionalities:

  • Product Listing: Users can browse the public products of the OpIS platform’s Marketplace or view their team/collaboration related products. The product listing functionality is the same for the VR and AR Clients. The user can search for any product with a 3D representation directly through the app.
  • Product Configuration: Users are able to configure a product by altering the appearance of its sub-components.
  • Annotations: By using the annotations module users are able to add comments, annotations, questions, and suggestions in the configuration stage in order to drive design improvements for product development.
  • Design Editor: Users can create virtual rooms and preview their products.
  • Virtual collaboration spaces: Multiple users can join virtual rooms and view products together in real-time and exchange design ideas.
  • Real-time communication: Users can communicate via voice/text chat

The AR/VR Toolkit provides an innovative and immersive way for users to engage with traditionally designed Marketplace platforms. By using AR/VR technology, users can immerse themselves in the design process and become an integral part of the makerspace community. This unique approach enables a more engaging and interactive experience that allows users to fully experience and appreciate the creative process behind the products they are interested in.

Augmented Reality Tool


Virtual Reality Tool

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