The Greek cMDF competition – 3D Collaborative Manufacturing in Education & Cultureended on April 30 2022 with nine submissions from 5th and 6th-grande elementary school students of the Region of Central Macedonia in Greece.

To announce and award the winners, the Greek cMDF (CERTH/ ITI and AidPlex), in collaboration with the Union of Parents & Guardians Association of Primary & Secondary Education of the Municipality of Chalkidona co-organized a training workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The event was held on 26 May 2022 and started with an award ceremony for the 40 students of the three schools that were announced as the competition winners.

The prizes were 3D-printed medals (gold, silver, bronze) with an engraved iPRODUCE logo. Additionally, the best idea (1st prize) was manufactured via diverse 3D printing technologies.


The students also had the chance to tour the facilities of the Additive Manufacturing Unit (AMU) of CERTH/ITI and a training workshop with a real-time demonstration of the manufacturing process of their idea, including the 3D design, the 3D printing and the post-process procedures. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to attend a demonstration of the iPRODUCE’s OpIS platform, in order to co-create and evaluate their idea.

Through this workshop, an innovative lifelong education approach was promoted, by enabling the students to come closer to cutting-edge technologies. Specifically, the workshop encouraged student’s engagement in the creation and manufacturing of real objects by incorporating 3D Printing and Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technologies.

22 June 2022
Samuel Almeida
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